Waste Management Challenges in Uruguay

Por ProteGEEr, publicado em 29.07.19, última modificação em 29.07.19

In Uruguay there is a set of regulations for waste management, elaborated after the approval of the Law for the Protection of the Environment in the year 2000, which establishes the general legal framework for environmental regulations. We are currently in a transition as new standards for waste management are expected this year.

Sanitary waste and industrial solid waste have specific regulations that establish the responsibility for waste producers to draw up comprehensive waste management plans. Other waste streams are regulated by systems based on the Extended Producer Responsibility principle. This applies to packaging waste released at household level, regardless of the material used, packaging waste of chemical or biological products from plant or animal production (agrochemicals), used lead-acid batteries, and used tires. As for household waste management, the responsibility rests with the local governments, which exercise it directly or delegate it to private actors.

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